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does is still work?

is it just me or this thing doesn't work with new safari.

Good But Complicated

Does a decent job of blocking ads. Adguard Safari extension much easier to set up and configure. Blocking page elements using 1Blocker Safari extension will scroll you to the top of the page automatically without letting you scroll down. If the ad you want to block is past that, you're out of luck. The expand-shrink selection interface is difficult to see what it's selecting, often resulting in bad selections. To undo unintended selections meant going to the 1Blocker Desktop app and digging through the interface to find the one you want to delete, if you can find it. While it can be cumbersome to configure, it's fast and solid but not as good as the iOS version.

Don't waste your money on this

The developer abandoned his loyal users and released a "new" version of 1Blocker. Rip-off.

Slowed my Mac down to a crawl

Installing this app was a huge mistake. It didn’t stop any ads, in fact it allowed many more than normal. It slowed my Mac down to a crawl and it took forever to boot up in the morning. I uninstalled this app after two days and now my Mac is back to normal. Wish I could get a refund

Abandoned! Do NOT buy.

Useless app. Worked well for a couple of weeks and found out the developer abandoned it. Never buy anything from him!


No longer syncs my “configurable” rules with both 1Blocker Legacy (never has with 1Blocker X), or does it? No, really, it doesn’t. I mean, my other Mac doesn’t import my configurable rules, neither do my iOS devices. As far as I can tell, 1Blocker iCloud sync is broken. Since introducing 1Blocker X, this app’s syncing has become unreliable. Not sure I can recommend this anymore. Not until iCloud sync is completely addressed. I’m pretty sure the developer isn’t going to fix anything, so buyer beware. // I had to drop my rating to one star. i’ve uninstalled this from every device because it’s worthless.

If 1Blocker actually blocks anything I sure couldn’t tell.

I would discourage anybody wasting $10 on this… at least for MacBook version. Maybe it works great on IOS but I’ll never find out. I find it shady that they would even leave it up in OSX app store. They’ve got to know their app is worthless.

Requires full permison, Inconsitant rule, Poor control

- Not well covering, as compared to AdBP (deprecated due to speed and privacy) - Requires full permison to whilelist and add rules - cannot decide to which ruleset are added to - css rules are not follwing the correct commonly used css rule, requires wired escape character to make it work. (cannot just type in the rule and expect it to be working) - rule adding inspector not loading `iframe` - cannot add rule using inspector

Not the same anymore

This app seems to become less effective every single day. Time for a major update.

Works a little too good

Purchased this software to block a bunch of SINGLES IN YOUR AREA ads that were interfering with my use of unchristian-like websites, and now the entire websites don’t load!

Tracker block breaks lots of web sites

A large percentage of web sites simply cease to work for me at all unless the "block trackers” switch (and sometimes others as well) is toggled to OFF - which of course defeats the purpose of using this app. Some sites need trackers (like to track your shopping cart), but this app seems incapable of distinguishing between when a tracker is a problem and when it’s a necessity. I want to block trackers, ads and annoyances as much as the next person (and probably more than most), but if the blocker destroys the browsing experience then it’s gone too far. If you go with this one - which is not cheap, by the way - be prepared to be disappointed and wind up trashing it for something else.

The only Blocker I use but Recent Update has Major Issues

I really don’t understand all the negative comments. No blocker is perfect, but this one is pretty close. I use it on all my devices and just updated to the new version on my ipad and iPhone. The legacy and new version (1Blocker X) sync perfectly with iCloud. There is reluctance on the developer’s part to create a new paid version for OSX like they did iOS, but am glad they are keeping the legacy version updated as best as possible. Please re-consider providing the new version to cover OSX. edit: 19 Jun 2018 - guess I need to downgrade this app to 1 Star. Noted with the new upgrade, various website will not even display and it blocks the entire site. Seems to be random, everything from Turner Motorsport, ECS Tuning, to Foxnews.com ; the entire site is blocked with nothing but a blank page. the only option is whitelist the site. Reached out to the developer to inform them immediatly after the update was installed but have heard nothing back nor any updates to the app to fix the issue.

Deceitful, unethical developer

The bait and switch. Soiticing purchases for more than a year without delveopment. Then deprecates it for version 2- which is the same exact app. No one should buy from you.


Doesn’t seem to bloeck anything for me, even afterI specifically designate spaces to block. Uninstalled after trying for a couple of days and went back to AdGuard.

Not working at all

Installed this fresh. Not working. Checked the FAQ's and followed what they suggested for when it isn't blocking at all. Still not blocking anything. No other extensions. It just doesn't work. Keeps on talking about WKErrorDomain 2

Abandoned now, use another...

With the release of the new 1Blocker X on iOS, the dev admitted that the 50,000 ruleset limit present in the prior version prevented the app from doing the job sufficiently. As such, they rewrote the app entirely, utilizing extensions, and incresed the ruleset massively. Unfortunatey, no such change came, or will come, to macOS, which will remain highly constrained the same as 1Blocker legacy on iOS. Given this, I can no longer recommend it. I’ve moved to uBlock Origin, available for free from the Safari extension gallary and on Chrome, and have found it to work much more reliably. [ORIGINAL REVIEW] I’ve tried a few different ad blockers trying to reclaim the internet from the intrusive and resource hogging ads that are EVERYWHERE now, and nothign else has come close to 1Blocker. The dev is repsonsive to reports of new resistant ads and regualrly updates the rule set. It’s super easy to Whitelist sites that treat their readers with respect, and Safari runs so much better with 1Blocker installed. Put this on your Mac and your iPhone/iPad and thank me later.


Waste of $10. Doesn’t stop ads. This app should be removed by Apple for false advertising. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

The operation couldn’t be completed. (WKerrorDomain error 2.)

STRIKE 1: Always get a “WKErrorDomain error 2” when attempting to select an Ad window that I want to block. STRIKE 2: CANNOT CREATE ANY BLOCK URL RULES THAT WORK: ALWAYS GET: "The operation couldn’t be completed. (WKerrorDomain error 2.)" STRIKE 3: When I TRY to create a block URL rule, and it ALWAYS fails, I’m stuck with a rule listing that CAN’T BE DELETED STRIKE 4: NO TECH SUPPORT: THE SUPPORT LINK ON THE APPLE APP STORE SIMPLY OPENS UP THEIR WEBSITE. THERE IS NO SUPPORT.

Don’t get rid of Ghostery etc. right away.

I used this product succesfully for over a year. About the time MacOS 10.13.4 came out, pages started to load very slowly in Safari. When I disabled it and reenabled Ghostery, all was well again. I see that the app has not been updated in months while MacOS High Sierra and Safari have had some major updates. Maybe that’s why. I’ll keep it around but I ain’t using it while it is causing page load sluggishness.

Effectively Useless...

App doesn’t work as well as other AdBlockers… Tends to break sites more than it removes their ads. Whitelisting almost never works. Pausing blocking almost never works. Companion app is a nuisance. Don’t waste $10 on this.

Useless - Doesn’t Block Anything - WASTE OF MONEY

With all the pop ups on major news sites, I bought this and another blocker to stop all the pop up ads. This one didn’t work (adding the element information does absolutely nothing, NOTHING. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID!!!!

Great but stagnant

No real updates for quite a while. A new version coming out for iOS portends ill things.

Buggy Cloud Sync, Poor Control

I’ve been looking for something better than Ghostery to allow me to block trackers and the most heinous of ads without blocking “acceptable ads.” Having run an indie site before, I’m not interested in completely depriving publishers of revenue, I just don’t want my computer mining cryptocurrency behind the scenes or loading ads that try to circuvent privacy protections in the browser. It appeared 1Blocker could do this on iOS, so I went ahead and bought the Mac version. I soon discovered the only way I could enable most normal, unobtrusive ads was to go through tens of thousands of poorly labeled rules and turn them on and off one at a time. Synchronizing this with the premium iOS version promised to help, since the iOS version lets me do bulk enabling or disabling of rules, but the sync is broken and whatever I set on that side gets reset and never synced to the Mac. So, I’ve bought 1Blocker for both macOS and iOS and can’t use either. The developer isn’t very responsive, but did suggest I ask Apple for a refund after several months of me trying to reach out. Apple didn’t issue the said refund, unfortunately.

Not very good

1Blocker is effective against some ads, but it misses quite a few. The “hide page element” doesn’t hide very many of the ads that slip through the default settings. I’m sorry I squandered the ten bucks on this app that works no better than a lot of the free apps. Sadly, the app hasn’t been updated in half a year.

doesnt block all ads

doesnt block all ads, the free tool wipr works 1000x better. i feel i was promised a very high quality content blocker with lots of features and while all the extra features work and icloud sycn is really nice the first thing its supposed to do it doesnt do well. I feel i wasted $10, and wish i could get a refund as ive gone back to using a (better) free tool.

Bought it for one thing…..

I really don’t like facebook (or google for that matter) so I bought this to remove the ‘like’ buttons, prevent resources being loaded etc etc. Didn’t appear to do any of it. Every single web page I opened up after following their FAQ instructions continued to display the buttons even though the ‘hide’ rule was in place. I can’t recommend this at all. I hoped this would be my one stop shop for both MacOS and IOS but I’m not going anywhere near the IOS version after this experience. I’ll stay with Silentium. I would of course request a refund but Apple has done everything it can to make it just about impossible to get one - This isn’t a 99c app - it’s expensive and it doesn’t work as described.

Waste of money

I got the Mac app + premium for iOS syncing. The overall syncing was very particular and does not work very well (overriding recent changes on my Mac withing minutes for example). The blocking was subpar—not as good as what you get with much cheaper extensions like Peace or Crystal. Not recommended.

Ineffective filters

The included filters really need some work, and there is no way to quickly import lots of rules from another source. Particularly annoying is the “Anti-Adblock” section, which is intended to stop the warning websites give about adblockers, but it’s very ineffective compared to competing extensions/app.

Almost worthless

App would not block specific URLs or page elements, even after rebooting. Menu button would not consistently bring up selection panel, and even if it did come up the ability to select page elements was hit or miss. App did block the most common ads, but no better than any free Safari extension option. Waste of time and money.

Does nothing but crash

All this extension seems to do is crash. It doesn’t actually block anything.

Good but some flaws

1. Whitelisting a site with the button in Safari just shows an endless spinner 2. It does not mention you need to restart Safari for the extension to appear when installing it the first time 3. No way to export out the whitelist 4. Preferences window is too big, useless, make it a menu item. 5. Too expensive on Mac, make it same price as iOS 6. Needs to be able to whitelist whole TLDs like .gov 7. Add to whitelist should include subdomains by default, make this a preference!


Hi, it does not sync custom rules with my phone at least for now, WKErrorDomain 2. Also it would be extremely nice to have support of AdBlock format and to import rules from file. For now this is more less useless for me even with Premium. ____ After some time spent on testing I discovered that any customizations given by Premium do not work at all even when syncing the file manually via file app or adding custom CSS rule on the phone or tablet or desktop or whatever way. Please fix or refund, the app is useless now.

Does not work on my Mac

I purchased (will request a refund from Apple) this app and it does not work at all. I’m seeing ads all over the place. No support on their site.

Doesn’t block too much on Mac, while it does a good job on iOS

Good improvements

Fair App with NO customer support

1Blocker does not appear to slow down Safari. However, there are some ads that it is totally ineffective against. Contacting Support resulted in no response of any kind.

Not very aggressive

1Blocker is definitely the most conservative of the ad blockers I’ve tried. It’s pretty common to see a bunch of ads on your average news page. There are some websites that it simply doesn’t block anything. I don’t know if they just don’t update their blacklist very often or if it’s something else. So it’s great that they offer the custom “hide element” feature. The problem is that that feature is tedious and sometimes hiding the element means you end up clicking on an ad. Also, hiding the elment doesn’t always work and you get some kind of error. I keep re-trying 1Blocker because I hear people praise it. But every time I try it I end up being disappointed and return to one of their competitors.

Love being able to keep all my devices content block settings in sync

For a while, I’ve been using different content blockers across multiple devices. 1Blocker became my iOS blocker of choice, but my work and home macs used Ghostery on one and AdBlock on the other. I always meant to get Ghostery in sync between the two but never put in the effort to do this. Then one day I noticed the Safari Extensions area in the App Store and saw 1Blocker here and pretty darn quickly, I had all devices in sync, and it’s much faster as a native Content Blocker than the others are as extension scripts. There are some elements of Ghostery that I miss, but it’s much more convenient to have easy and automatic syncing of preferences and white lists between all of my devices.

Currently broken on Safari 11, but otherwise good

On the newest version of Safari and macOS (High Sierra), adding websites to the whitelist doesn’t work at all. An indeterminate progress spinner appears and the page doesn’t reload.

Stopped Working with Latest Safari Update

Seems like its no longer blocking/working on the latest update to Safari released yesterday (09/19/2017). Was great before that. Please fix!

Can’t recommend enough!

Easy to configure, affordable when you think about what it truly does, seems to be very well supported and updated by the author, and as far as I can tell, provides little in the way of issues with web sites and doesn’t appear to cause any browsing slowdowns.

Great App that I always come back to

I’ve been lured to a number of other blockers over time for various reasons, but keep coming back to 1Blocker for use on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. If you are primiarly a Safari user, this is the one to consider. By default it syncs your rules and any whitelist items you create across your devices using iCloud — no more manually entering your bank and other well-used sites as overrides on each of your devices, as most other blockers require. The app does not share data with anyone else, so if privacy is your concern, this is a good one unlike some of the others that may provide more features, but at the cost of your sharing the URLs you visit. …and best, the developer keeps updates coming across both macOS and iOS. This is a great app that keeps working for me.

White Listing

OK I white blist a site, now when I ask for it to be deleted it won’t delete it, so, how do you eliminate a site from being white listed ?

Best in Class - Hands Down

This is a solid app and by far the most customizable ad blocker I have seen—with great support. Every time I send these guys a question I get a swift, detailed, and helpful reply. Be aware that due to Apple's laudable privacy protections, the API they provide imposes some limitations on how ad blockers can detect and block ads; however, 1Blocker seems to work hard to get as much out of this API as possible. You would be hard-pressed to find a better ad-blocking & privacy tool.

Does not block ads

1Blocker is all flash, no substance. YouTube ads are not blocked. Many websites I visit show banners. The “Anti-Adblock” filter does not work. Developers do not respond to me via email and twitter. I am requesting a refund from Apple.

$10 and does nothing

ESPN and WSJ still showing ads. Can’t recommend

What is it blocking?

I wish that like ghostery it gave me a list of what it was blocking. Also wish I had the option of selectively blacklisting sites. I like the idea of blocking nothing except when I arrive at a site that is abusive.

Best content blocker out there

So great and easy to use! Definitely worth the price. This is the first blocker I’ve used that blocks everything I want it to without breaking websites or messing things up. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Really Great

Overall outstanding. Some features I'd like to see: Turning blocking on/off requires two clicks – one to open the menu and one to enable/disable blocking. As this is essentially the only button in the popup menu, the extra click is unnecessary. A better experience would be to allow one click toggling of blocking. I assume you keep the menu for branding purposes. If this is the case, you could allow this to be a user preference via a "Toolbar item behavior" setting. This would have two options: "Show details" (where the popup menu would still be displayed) and "Toggle blocking" (which would directly toggle blocking without an extra click).

Capable, but not quite there

I had hoped that this extension might give me equivalent functionality as I have with Firefox and NoScript. In many ways this product is more capable, but it lacks a critical capability that NoScript provides with ease: a clear view of what external resources are referenced, and what is allowed or blocked. There is a “website inspector” which is predominantly useless. Sure, it’ll tell you the number of things it identifies with the default rules, but it never tells you precisely what was identified. End sum, while I had high hopes for this product, it fails for anyone wishing to operate from a principle of least privilege. Which is a shame, because the rule capabilities in custom packages look to be quite powerful. It’s just too tedious to craft those rules since it provides no insight on its own internal decisions on a per-page basis. Contacting the authors for support is also only through twitter, which is unfortunate for those of us who don’t participate in social media.

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